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Primo's Somers Point - Egg Harbor Township Menu:

  Angus Burger $8.95
  Cowboy Burger
(mesquite seasoned burger with BBQ sauce, chipotle mayo & bacon topped with cheddar cheese and onion straws)
  Bleu Ribbon Burger
(Bleu cheese crumbles, crispy onion straws, Portobello mushroom slices)
  Toppings $.75 each
Cheese (American, swiss, provolone, bleu)
Mushrooms & Bacon
  Regular $1.25
  Medium $1.85
  Large $2.75
  2 Liter $2.95
  20 oz. Bottled Drinks $2.25
  Primo Water $1.50
    Half Whole
  Chicken Steak
(Skinless Chicken Breast Meat)
$7.95 $15.90
  Chicken Steak
with Cheese
$8.45 $16.90
  Chicken Finger Parm
(Breaded chicken breast lightly fried and topped with sauce & cheese)
$8.45 $16.90
  Chicken Cacciatore
(Sweet Peppers, Mushrooms, Fried Onions, topped with Sauce and Cheese)
$8.45 $16.90
  Buffalo Chicken Steak
(with american cheese and bleu cheese, your choice of mild, medium or hot)
$9.45 $18.90
  Southwest Chicken Sandwich
(Crispy chicken topped with cheddar, bacon & crispy onion straws served on a round roll)
  California B.L.T
(grilled chicken breast topped with iceberg lettuce, tomato, sliced avocado & bacon on a round roll served with side of ranch)
  Chicken Breast Sandwich $8.45  
  6 Pieces $7.95
  10 Pieces $10.45
  20 Pieces $20.45
  Served with Bleu Cheese & Celery
Choice Of Hot, Medium, Mild, BBQ Sauce Or Honey BBQ
  6 Pieces $8.45
  10 Pieces $14.95
  20 Pieces $26.95
Served with Bleu Cheese & Celery
Choice Of Hot, Medium, Mild, BBQ Sauce Or Honey BBQ
    14" Medium 18" Large
  Cheese $12.25 $15.95
  Primo White Pizza
(Ricotta, garlic, mozzarella)
$12.25 $15.95
  Primo BBQ Chicken Pizza
(with or without pizza sauce)
$15.25 $19.95
  Buffalo Chicken Pizza
(Chicken, mild, med or hot sauce, with or without pizza sauce)
$15.25 $19.95
  White Tomato & Spinach
(Tomato, spinach, garlic, ricotta, mozzarella)
$15.25 $19.95
  Vegetarian White
(Broccoli, tomato, garlic, ricotta, mozzarella)
$15.25 $19.95
  Primo Hawaiian Pizza
(Pineapple, ham, mozzarella cheese)
$15.25 $19.95
  Primo Pizza Special
(Choice of 5 or more toppings)
$19.95 $27.95
  Chicken Caesar $15.25 $19.95
  Meat Lovers
(Pepperoni, sausage & bacon)
$16.45 $20.95
  Philly Steak
(Steak with or without fried onions on red or white available with or without pizza sauce)
$15.95 $19.95
(Fresh chopped garlic, sliced tomatoes, basil on red or white available with or without pizza sauce)
$12.25 $15.95
  Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch
(Chopped chicken, choice of mild, medium or hot sauce, bacon, ranch, mozzarella cheese available with or without pizza sauce)
$16.45 $20.95
  Whole Topping $2.00 $2.50
  Half Topping $1.00 $1.25
      17" Large
  (toppings $2.50 whole and $1.25 half)   $19.95
  10" Personal Pizza $8.45
  Whole Topping $1.50
  Half Topping $.75
  Choice Of Toppings
Pepperoni Sausage Bacon Ham Broccoli Sweet Peppers Spinach Onion Anchovies Mushrooms Green Peppers
Roasted Peppers Jalapeno Peppers Ground Beef Pineapple Hot Peppers Black Olives Extra Cheese Tomato

Individual Slices $2.50 Sicilian Slices $3.00 Toppings for individual slices .75 each (regular or Sicilian)
(Salami, coteghino, capicola, roasted red peppers, provolone cheese & balsamic vinegar choice of lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet or hot peppers)
(pulled pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles & mustard)
(Spinach, Portobello mushroom, roasted peppers, red onions & provolone cheese
    Half Whole
  Pepperoni $4.45 $7.95
  Broccoli $4.45 $7.95
  Spinach $4.45 $7.95
  Buffalo Chicken $4.45 $7.95
  Specialty Rolls (whole only)
(Steak, Italian, or customize your own)
Homemade dough wrapped around 2 toppings of your choice with mozzarella cheese baked to perfection
House dressing, thousand island, ranch, French, bleu cheese, creamy Italian,
lite Italian, Caesar, oil & vinegar, balsamic, honey mustard & raspberry vinaigrette
  Tossed Salad
(Mixed greens, Romaine lettuce, Grape tomato, onions, cucumbers, carrots) add tuna or chicken $2.50

$4.95 Sm

$6.95 Lg
  Caprese Salad
(Sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers on mixed greens w/ balsamic vinaigrette)
  Chef Salad
(Lettuce, Grape Tomato, Onions, Black Olives, Carrots, Cucumbers, Ham, Turkey, Provolone, Croutons)
  Tomato Salad
(Sliced tomato with fresh mozzarella on a bed of chopped romaine with a scoop of tuna served with balsamic)
  Caesar Salad
Small (Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, shaved Parmesan Cheese)
$5.95 Sm $8.45 Lg
  Chicken Caesar Salad
(Grilled Breast of Chicken, Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, shaved Parmesan Cheese... extra meat $2.50)
  Italian Antipasto
(Iceberg Lettuce with an assortment of Italian meats & cheese garnished w/ sweet& hot peppers, black olives, anchovies,Grape tomato & red onion. Served w/ oil & vinegar)
  Buffalo Chicken Salad
(Mixed greens with crispy tenders, Grape tomato, onion, cucumbers, carrots, green peppers, buffalo sauce and side of bleu cheese.)
  Apple Salad
(chopped romaine topped with sliced apples, craisins, sliced almonds and grilled chicken. Served with raspberry vinaigrette)
  Wedge Salad
(chilled wedge of iceberg lettuce with sliced tomato, crispy bacon bits, hardboiled egg and bleu cheese dressing )
  Cobb Salad
(Chopped romaine topped with grilled chicken, diced tomatoes, avocado, bacon, crumbled bleu cheese and hard boiled egg. Served with ranch dressing.)
  Seasoned Curly Fries $2.95 Sm $4.45 Lg
  French Fries
(plain, Old Bay seasoning or Mesquite seasoning)
$2.95 Sm $4.45 Lg
  Cheese Fries
(Mozzarella Cheese heated over top in oven or cheddar on side)
$5.75 6.75
w/ Bacon
  Pizza Fries
(mozzarella cheese fries, topped off with Pizza Sauce )
  Onion Rings $4.95
  Mozzarella Sticks 6pc. $7.45
  Chicken Fingers 4pc. $7.95
  Garlic Knots 3pc. $1.95 5pc. $3.45
  Sweet Potato Fries
(with maple dipping sauce)
sm. $2.95 $5.25
  Primo Sampler
(Mozzarella sticks, poppers and onion rings)
  Mozzarella Caprese
(Tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil & balsamic)
  Fried Mushrooms (12) $6.45
(shredded cheddar on flour tortilla with side of sour cream & salsa, side of guacamole 1.25 extra)
  Quesadilla with Steak and Fried Onions or Chicken and Diced Tomatoes
(shredded cheddar on flour tortilla with side of sour cream & salsa, side of guacamole 1.25 extra)
  Fried Shrimp in basket (6)
(with fries and cocktail sauce)
  Mozzarella Sticks (6)
  Jalapeno poppers (5)
(served with cream cheese)
12oz $4.45
16oz $5.45
  Spinach Raviolis (6)
topped with marinara or alfredo sauce and shaved parmesan
  Cheese Raviolis (6)
(Topped with marinara sauce and shaved parmesan)
  Baked Stuff Shells (3)
(Topped with marinara sauce and shaved parmesan)
  Eggplant Parmesan
(Eggplant lightly breaded and fried, topped with mozzarella cheese & sauce. Served with choice of pasta and shaved parmesan)
  Fettuccini Alfredo
Add broccoli 1.00
Add chicken 2.50
  Chicken Parmesan
Chicken breast breaded & lightly fried with mozzarella cheese & sauce. Served with choice of sauce and shaved parmesan)
  Chicken Cacciatore
(Grilled or chopped chicken with sweet peppers, mushrooms, and fried onions with marinara sauce over pasta and shaved parmesan)
  Pasta with marinara sauce and shaved parmesan $8.45
  Pasta with
(2) homemade meatballs and shaved parmesan
  Fried Shrimp
(over pasta w/ marinara sauce and shaved parmesan)
  Linguini with Clams
(In red or white sauce and shaved parmesan)
  Pasta Choices
(Linguini, fettuccini, penne, spaghetti and shaved parmesan)
  Add (1) meatball or (1) Sausage $2.50
  Served with a side salad, Italian bread and butter  
  Chicken Fingers (2)
(with small fries)
  Pasta Noodles
(with butter sauce, or plain)
  Grilled Cheese
(with small fries)
  Pizza Special
(one slice with small drink, toppings extra)
  Add (1) meatball or (1) Sausage $2.50
(Pepperoni, Sausage, Mozzarella Cheese)
  Vegetarian Stromboli
(Green Peppers, Mushrooms & Mozzarella)
  Steak or Chicken Stromboli
(Steak or Chicken, Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese)
  Buffalo Chicken
(chicken, buffalo sauce & mozzarella ) Side of bleu cheese .75₡
(Ham, Ricotta & Mozzarella Cheese)
  Vegetarian Calzone
(Broccoli, Ricotta & Mozzarella Cheese)
  Italian Stromboli
(salami, capicola, coteghino, pepperoni & mozzarella)
    Half Whole
  Ham & Provolone $6.95 $13.90
  Salami & Provolone $6.95 $13.90
  Roast Beef $6.95 $13.90
  Super Italian
(extra salami, extra capicola, provolone, shredded parmesan, lettuce, tomato, onion, roasted peppers & oil)
$8.95 $17.90
  Primo Italian
(Salami, coteghino, capicola & provolone)
$7.95 $15.90
  Turkey $7.45 $14.90
  Homemade Tuna $7.95 $15.90
Extra Items $.75 per half | Extra meat $2.50 per half
Including your choice of lettuce, tomato, onions, hot or sweet peppers.
Choice of: soft philly roll or hard Atlantic City Roll, wheat, garlic herb or plain wrap
    Half Whole
  Steak $7.95 $15.90
  Cheese Steak $8.45 $16.90
  Pizza Steak $8.75 $17.50
(Hot or Sweet) (Sweet Peppers & Onions)
$7.45 $14.90
  With Cheese $7.95 $15.90
  Pepper & Egg Sandwich $6.25 $12.50
  With Cheese $6.75 $13.50
  Egg Plant Parm. $7.95 $15.90
  Meatball $7.45 $14.90
  Meatball Parm. $8.45 $16.90
(Broccoli, sweet peppers, mushrooms, onions, & tomatoes, grilled & topped with cheese)
$7.95 $15.90
  Pulled Pork
(served with BBQ sauce topped with onion straws on a brioche roll)
  Primo Steak
(sweet peppers, mushrooms & fried onions, topped with sauce and cheese)
$8.45 $16.90
Extra Items $.75 per half | Extra meat $2.50 per half
Including your choice of lettuce, tomato, onions, hot or sweet peppers.
Choice of: soft philly roll or hard Atlantic City Roll, wheat, garlic herb or plain wrap
(choice of garlic herb, honey wheat, plain)
  Chicken Caesar Wrap
 (Grilled chicken strips & romaine lettuce with a creamy Caesar dressing)
  Buffalo Chicken Wrap
 (Grilled chicken strips, choice of mild, medium or hot buffalo sauce, bleu cheese dressing & romaine)
  Chicken Nesto Wrap
 (Chopped or Grilled Chicken, Spinach, Garlic & Melted Provolone Cheese.)
  Chicken Vic Wrap
(Chopped or Grilled Chicken, Jalapeno Peppers, Lettuce, Tomato, Fried Onions, topped with Melted Provolone Cheese.)
  Tuna Salad Wrap
(Yellowfin Tuna Salad with Lettuce, Tomato, Onions & Cool Ranch Dressing.)
  Chicken Fingers Wrap
(Chicken Fingers, Romaine Lettuce and Honey Mustard Sauce.)
  Turkey Broccoli
(Grilled Turkey Breast & Broccoli with Your Choice of Cheese.)
  Grilled Veggie Wrap
(Broccoli, Spinach, Mushrooms, Tomato, Fried Onions & Provolone Cheese.)
  BBQ Chicken Wrap
(Chopped Chicken & Melted American Cheese with Zesty BBQ Sauce.)
  Santa Fe Wrap
(Grilled chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato and chipotle mayo)

  8-13 people (24 pcs.) $49.95*
  10-15 people (32 pcs.) $64.95*
  12-18 people (40 pcs.) $79.95*
  14-21 people (48 pcs.) $94.95*
  16-24 people (56 pcs.) $109.95*
  18-27 people (64 pcs.) $124.95*
  20-30 people (72 pcs.) $139.95*
  22-33 people (80 pcs.) $154.95*
  24-36 people (88 pcs.) $168.95*
  30-45 people (96 pcs.) $183.95*
*plus tax

All sub trays include: assorted subs (cut into 8 pieces), lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, hot peppers, and jumbo black olives
  8-10 people (20 pcs.) $44.95*
  10-12 people (24 pcs.) $51.95*
  11-13 people (28 pcs.) $58.95*
  12-14 people (32 pcs.) $65.95*
  13-16 people (36 pcs.) $72.95*
  14-17 people (40 pcs.) $79.95*
  16-20 people (44 pcs.) $86.95*
  18-22 people (48 pcs.) $93.95*
  20-24 people (52 pcs.) $100.95*
  22-26 people (56 pcs.) $107.95*
  24-28 people (60 pcs.) $114.95*
  26-30 people (64 pcs) $121.95*
*plus tax
Choice of garlic herb, wheat or plain wrap.
  40 Wings $39.95
  60 Wings $59.95
  40 tenders $54.95
  60 tenders $74.95
  100 tenders $119.95

*plus tax - (Bleu Cheese & Celery Included) Your choice of sauce: Mild, Medium, Hot, BBQ, Honey BBQ or Sweet & Sour)
(Choice of honey mustard or BBQ sauce)
   Romaine lettuce, croutons & shaved parmesan cheese
  (Mixed greens, Romaine lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumbers, carrots)
  Chicken Caesar
  Grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, croutons & parmesan cheese

Available in small, medium or large bowls. Please call for prices
  Chicken Parmesan $49.95
  Eggplant Parmesan $49.95
  Ravioli $48.95
  Stuffed Shells $48.95

(4-6 people, Take out only)